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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food...
                                                                                - Hippocrates

About me

We are parents of autistic children and we will do everything to make our children grow up to be the happiest in the world! Special children choose special parents, so we feel free to tell everyone that we are the chosen ones! Life is an experience, and every life is a unique experience. Nobody will get the experience and knowledge that we are going to experience and gain!


When people ask me how I know this, there is only one answer: I experienced it and tested it for myself! My name is Alexa and I'm the mother of a child diagnosed with autism! I also believe and know that it is possible and necessary to live well with this diagnosis! I will not describe all my knowledge to you, I will just say briefly that I am an inventor, inspirer and performer by profession! My mission in life is to introduce and unite people and share my knowledge, and I am trying to fulfill it.


  • Holistic nutritionist

  • Traditional naturopath

  • MAPS (DAN) specialist

  • Chelation specialist

  • Heavy metal test analysis

  • Detoxifying the body

  • Selection of vitamin and mineral complexes

  • Women's health

  • Anti-aging

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